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The AIMUN is a non-formal educational method implemented in Alexandria for the first time in 2005 to prepare and motivate university students to be the leaders of development in the future. The activities of the model consist of a series of workshops followed by a conference. In the workshops, the Delegates (participants) are introduced to the required theoretical background in politics and development, as well as being trained in soft skills, i.e. research, presentation and negotiation skills. In the conference, the Delegates take the roles of the decision makers in different organs of the United Nations. Such activity gives them the opportunity to apply the acquired skills during the workshops at the same time that they become aware of the difficulties that can arise during the decision making process.


The concept of AIMUN, apart from being a highly effective non-formal education tool, is a method to prepare and motivate each one of our talented university students to be a leader for development in the future. Selected participants are be integrated in other projects , where young people are empowered to participate in constructing a better world. Our vision is to make the model an annual event in Alexandria, nurturing it year by year to make it reach the international standards and to be up to the other worldwide models. We take the event, being part of our youth capacity-building activities, as a chance for Alexandrian youth to expand their knowledge and to explore the potential of their talents.

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