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Arts & Culture

EFYD will develop a number of projects that support its believe that Arts, Cultural awareness, Intercultural Dialogue and Heritage Conservation is a crucial element for ensuring a tolerant, creative, confident young generation and is an integral part of our Egyptian Society and Identity that needs special attention.  

Culture of Diversity


​​Egypt Foundation for Youth and Development (EFYD) in partnership with PRONI Centre for Youth Development (Bosnia and Herzegovina) and Youth Power (Cyprus) organisations are partners in the “Culture of Diversity” project, supported by the Anna Lindh Foundation, and aims to promote cultural diversity. Because this is an attempt to embrace diversity there is a variety of means to express yourself with.

Underground Arts

Graffaholic is the first graffiti center all over Egypt. Graffaholic provides the necessary environment required by graffiti artists including tools, equipment and the right place to work. The well-known and talented graffiti artist Amr Diwan presents all seminars and workshops. He proved his art to the world and showed his vision through his art on the walls and his certificates that proves it. Our professional “AD1 team” who are well trained and specialized, each in his own criteria, manages Graffaholic.

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