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EFYD will have Education “formal and Informal” and Capacity Building as a tool to increase and improve the concepts of Global Citizenship, Service Learning, Gender Equity, Ethics to empower young generations to lead and positively participate in their communities.

Alexandria International Model United Nations.


​​The AIMUN is a non-formal educational method implemented in Alexandria for the first time in 2005 to prepare and motivate university students to be the leaders of development in the future. The activities of the model consist of a series of workshops followed by a conference. In the workshops, the Delegates (participants) are introduced to the required theoretical background in politics and development, as well as being trained in soft skills.

i-100 Become A Volunteer Today


i-100 promotes Youth Participation in the Public Life of the Middle East and North Africa area through updating the concept of volunteerism. An online and live events awareness campaign will help you identify the benefits of volunteering and locate online the causes that best suit your personal qualities and professional skills. 

The Others
Game & Online Toolkit for Human Rights Education


Four countries (Portugal/Spain/Jordan & Egypt) came together to develop this game-based activity and to apply it in the local community where people can benefit from the international experience presented to them at their own place.

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