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We do this through inspiring and empowering local communities, especially youth, by providing them with the opportunities, skills, and resources; We do it by developing youth and sustainable development centered programs, that:


  1. Contribute to the Egyptian knowledge society

  2. Promote a sustainable approach to the future

  3. Promote health and wellbeing

  4. Promote arts, cultural participation and environmental preservation, through advanced, innovative and creative methods.


First Steps of a Newly Born Youth-led Organization:  Egypt Foundation for Youth and Development is at a critical and exciting point in its growth as a youth-led organization.  Having established itself in a time of the reformation of the Egyptian Society after the great revolution of 25th of January. EFYD developed a platform from which to implement programs, it is now time for EFYD to:


  • Consolidate its existing programs and strategically develop its future implementing model;

  • Build sophisticated systems and structures to support effective and accountable programming;

  • Pursue a robust marketing and fundraising strategy that allows EFYD to grow and sustain its programs.

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