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Sports Education for Social Leaders cooperation with Foundation of King Gustaf V90, Koping BTKi center and SISU Idrottsutbildarna

A ‘’sport education’’ has been always known to encourage youth to get involved in social activities, assisting in reducing violence, increasing integration and fighting racism and discrimination. Egypt has an excellent infrastructure in the human capacity from youth who represent 60% under the age of 30. Also they have trainers and leaders, but unfortunately most of those leaders lack the work experience with the background of sport educating. From here, comes SESL role to spread knowledge and ideas about how to create a culture of acceptance and living in a society with different backgrounds but united in vision and sharing dreams for a better future built of freedom and social justice.

We hope that Sports Education will assist in establishing a vision for the youth and assist them to develop new ideas and abilities to make the next step in the building a new society.

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