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Egypt Foundation for Youth and Development has chosen to focus on seven specific areas, using them as “enablers” to achieve our work with the community and for Youth Empowerment. These Focus Areas are to be used along with the other tools and guidance, and strategies available to help achieve EFYDs vision.

EFYD will have Education “formal and Informal” and Capacity Building as a tool to increase and improve the concepts of Global Citizenship, Service Learning, Gender Equity, Ethics to empower young generations to lead and positively participate in their communities.

EFYD will focus on empowering youth as learners, developers, contributors, entrepreneurs and decision-makers to be able to benefit fully from the opportunities provided by ICTs and Innovation, as well as building their capacities for better engagement, understanding and participation at Internet Governance related issues.

EFYD will develop a number of projects that support its believe that Arts, Cultural awareness, Intercultural Dialogue and Heritage Conservation is a crucial element for ensuring a tolerant, creative, confident young generation and is an integral part of our Egyptian Society and Identity that needs special attention.  

EFYD will develop projects, tools and campaigns that will raise the public awareness on Environmental and Sustainable Development issues and directly support youth engagement in creating a more sustainable future.

EFYD will contribute and invest in supporting social entrepreneurships and Green Projects that will help create jobs and opportunities for young generations while addressing social, environmental and community needs.

EFYD will develop projects, publications and campaigns that focus on Health and wellbeing as well as Sports as a tool for education and development. Sports and Health are an important element that should be addressed heavily to achieve our community and youth wellbeing.   

EFYD will develop projects that contribute to fundamental issues related to women’s equality, education, health issues “including Maternal Health”, women’s economic empowerment and their leadership and participation. We also plan to focus on projects that address issues of different forms of different of discrimination and violence against women.

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