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  • Positive Socio-Cultural Values: We believe in the importance of supporting youth abilities and capacities in planning and decision-making, building their interpersonal skills and knowledge to feel comfort in dealing with people from different cultures, races, religions and ethnic backgrounds and their understanding of peaceful conflict resolution. We also believe in the importance of supporting youth in building a Positive Social personality that help them believe in their personal powers, raise their self-esteem, sense of purpose, and their positive view of their personal future.

  • Culture of Volunteerism: We are committed to building a culture of volunteerism in our community, including supporting a regulatory environment, motivation for volunteers, utilizations of volunteerism, creating opportunities for the promotion of volunteerism all across Egypt.


Egypt Foundation for Youth and Development promotes the following values through its work and program approaches: “EFYD has integrated some of Search Institute’s Framework of 40 Development Assets”



  • Caring and Support: We care for and, respect every human being and believe in his fundamental rights to express himself, and be an integral productive part of the society. We seek to comprehend the needs, feelings, problems, cultural and social background of all we work for, and with. We also ensure family support, positive communications especially between different generations to build a caring and encouraging environment for active involvement of young people.

  • Empowerment: We are committed to build a community that values youth as a major resource and that provides them with real involving, safe opportunities to serve others, get their voice heard. We are also committed to create an environment that’s receptive enough to foster youth empowerment. We value and involve community members, volunteers, beneficiaries and partners in order to move beyond existing solutions, mobilize resources and jointly provide optimal high impact activities and programs.

  • Commitment to Learning: We believe in the importance of building an environment that is full of opportunities to learn and build the capacities of young people and youth workers, whether through formal or informal learning. We strongly believe that this could be achieved through the promotion of the concept of Service Learning, Achievement Motivation, School Engagement, and seeing capacity building as an opportunity for positive change. 

  • Positive Values and Ethics: We are determined to work according to the highest standards of transparency, honesty, accountability and integrity, in addition to gaining the trust and respect of all stakeholders. We are also committed to values of Caring, Responsibility, Equality and Social Justice including girls and women rights.

  • Commitment and Passion: We are driven by our desire to make a real difference in the lives of the people we serve. We believe that investments of resources, time, and effort must be sustained over the long term in order to assure significant and lasting change.

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